Cremorne Boating Centre

Sarah Wigglesworth Architects
RIBA Regional Award for London, 2008
Community + Faith, Arts + Leisure, New Build, London
John Rich

This is a facility for children in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to learn boating on the River Thames. The two small buildings have been designed so that, in the event of a breach of the river wall, they will be able to be craned off the site within 48 hours, to enable the Environment Agency to carry out the repairs to the wall. The structure of the two buildings has therefore been designed in two halves that can each be lifted off the site, by attaching straps to ring beams at the floor level, once the weathering steel cladding has been removed. Careful checks of the weight of the structure were made to ensure that each half was within the loading limits of the crane that would be able to access the site.