Living Architecture: The Balancing Barn, Thorington, Suffolk

RIBA Award 2011; The Conde Nast Traveller Innovation & Design Award 2011;The Red Dot Design Award
Residential, New Build, UK excluding London
Collection of Jane Wernick Associates

One of eight new build houses by prestigious architects for holiday rental.
Alain de Botton’s aim was to introduce modern architecture to the public by commissioning a set of buildings that can be rented as holiday homes, so that people can appreciate houses designed by excellent architectural practices. The structure is a five-sided 30m long trussed steel tube which encloses the living space. The trussed tube is only supported for 15m of its length, with the remaining 15m cantilevering out over the sloping ground below. To stop the building from tipping over the cantilever is counter-balanced with the additional weight of a 400mm thick, 76 tonne reinforced concrete slab and a 26 tonne concrete footing.