East Ham Civic Campus and Library

Rick Mather Architects
Shortlisted in the New London Awards 2014
Concrete Quarterly (CQ) Summer 2014
Community + Faith, Commercial, Refurbishment, London
Richard Chivers Photography, Rick Mather Architects

As part of the large scale redevelopment of the London Borough of Newham's East Ham Civic Campus, the site comprising of Grade I and II listed Edwardian buildings will see a previously undesirable site become the primary hub for local authority activity. The project extends the useful lifespan of the structures with contemporary and innovative structural solutions to complement the original design. On the same site, a new build Library and Customer Service Centre building (CSC+L) has been constructed, this building is structured using an exposed flat slab RC frame which incorporates heating coils within the slabs, utilising the thermal mass to assist in the environmental control.

The project is scheduled for phased completion throughout 2014.