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Angel Yard

Angel Yard provides a series of affordable spaces for community and young enterprises, created through the retrofit and extension of disused garages in Angel Edmonton. The project is initially designed considering a meanwhile-use period of five years, but includes components that can be relocated after this for a more permanent use elsewhere.

New structural works were designed in timber, including new vaulted roof structure to the garages and external free-standing canopy structures. The use of lightweight and low-cost materials for new structures and the retention of existing garage walls was key to ensuring the financial viability of the scheme.

230417 JKA AngelYard 002
230417 JKA AngelYard 023
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230417 JKA AngelYard 018
230417 JKA AngelYard 036
230417 JKA AngelYard 013
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Enfield, London, UK
Jan Kattein Architects
Jack Hobhouse
NLA Meanwhile Category, Winner