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Matilda's Bridge, Three Mills

This is an understated and elegant structure spanning 28m across the Three Mills Wall River. Two 22m long glulam beams located either side of the bridge deck are supported on precast concrete abutments that cantilever over the flood defence walls; they in turn are anchored with set-back foundations and piles located to avoid the river wall ground anchors.

engineersHRW developed the initial sketch proposals for this project in 2012 with the Sugar House masterplan architect ARC-ML, and provided the technical expertise to guide it through two LLDC design reviews and secure planning.

Vastint UK then commissioned engineersHRW to lead the design, tender the project to a design and supply contractor and maintain a technical appraisal role on behalf of the client. The bridge was assembled on the island in August 2021 and craned into place as a single unit, fitting perfectly over the concrete river walls.

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210813 NEQ Bridge 21
Sugar House Island, London
PUP Architects (Stage 4 Architect), engineersHRW (Lead Designer), Supervene (Pre-Planning Architect), Wood Beton (D&B Contractor)