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Dulwich Picture Gallery Pavilion

Pricegore and artist Yinka Ilori won the London Festival of Architecture’s competition for a second landmark pavilion outside the Dulwich Picture Gallery. The Colour Palace features a bold geometric pattern created from multicoloured timber louvres, contrasting with the gallery building while the volume replicates the cubic logic of the gallery spaces. A timber and wire space frame was developed that created horizontal and vertical trusses, utilising off-site fabrication with simple connections for on-site erection; the horizontal trusses doubled as galleried walkways with the space. The tight engineering enabled the use of slender elements that emphasise the porosity of the pavilion. 

Our structural design approach is discussed in an interview for the gallery's blog. Technical details can be found in the Timber Development UK Case Study.

colour palace landscape landing v2
DulwichPictureGallery ColourPalace2019 AdamScott 01
DulwichPictureGallery ColourPalace2019 AdamScott 07
DulwichPictureGallery ColourPalace2019 AdamScott 15
20190507 DSC 1238
DulwichPictureGallery ColourPalace2019 AdamScott 55
20190507 DSC 1241
Dulwich, London, UK
Adam Scott, RASKL