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East Ham Civic Campus

In 2010 the London Borough of Newham committed to reinvigorate the East Ham Civic Campus through the construction of a new public building, along with repairs to the Grade II and II* listed structures which form the heart of the campus within the East Ham Conservation Area. 

The new building features internal exposed concrete surfaces with thermally active soffits using pipework cast into the structural slabs, heated by ground source heat pumps; as well as heating the space in winter, these provide cooling via cold water in summer. The central atrium with its curved concrete soffit allows plenty of natural light into the centre of the building.

The listed buildings had been empty for a number of years, and investigations and checks were needed on the existing fabric and structure where water ingress had occurred. Conversion to modern uses as a college and administrative centre respectively required alterations to and justification of existing structure, sensitively working with the existing fabric to minimise interventions where possible.

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VIL 5888
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46. East Ham 02 FINAL
Newham, London, UK
MICA Architects
engineersHRW, Philip Vile, Richard Chivers