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Ernsting’s Family Campus, Coesfeld, Germany

The structural scheme design was carried out for the headquarters of a clothing company, providing office space for business and retail managers alongside a research and development department. Located in the small town of Coesfeld-Lette in western Germany, the mass of the building is broken into three connected blocks, arranged to maximise natural light into the building and views into internal courtyards and out across the landscape from the open-plan office spaces.

The external superstructure, formed in precast concrete, provides shading to the large glazed openings and forms a loggia around the building.

The building was winner of an RIBA Regional Award in 2003 and shortlisted for the Stirling Prize in 2002.

Structural engineering by Jane Wernick Associates, now part of engineersHRW.

Christian Richter13
Christian Richter 18
Christian Richter1
Edmund Sumner1
ernstings family
Coesfeld, Germany
David Chipperfield Architects
Christian Richter, Edmund Sumner
RIBA - Regional Awards, Winner, RIBA - Stirling Prize, Finalist