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Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa

The site for this project was on the banks of the Mississippi River in a downtown regeneration area of Davenport, Iowa. David Chipperfield Architects' London office had won a commission for a $22 million art gallery and Jane Wernick Associates were appointed to develop the schematic and concept designs, collaborating with local engineers Chuck Saul Associates.

A steel frame was adopted to contend with the impressive gallery spaces and stepped façades, both of which required large-span transfer structures. Where possible these were incorporated in the walls and façades, giving the trusses depth and permitting a more efficient design and reduced steel. A basement and lower ground floor were formed with reinforced concrete, using void formers and ribbed slabs to reduce weight and materials.

Structural engineering by Jane Wernick Associates, now part of engineersHRW.

figge landscape landing
figge landscape lone
figge portrait large v2
figge landscape small
Iowa, USA
David Chipperfield Architects