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Great Eastern Quays Footbridge

As part of the surrounding Great Eastern Homes development, this approximately 50m long bridge provides a new pedestrian and cycle route across the impounding basin of the Royal Albert dock.  The bridge incorporates a 5m wide opening span to allow boats to access the basin.

Each half of the bridge is a steel beam structure spanning between pairs of piles, driven into the dock bed.  The beams cantilever 5m to the dock walls, so no new loads are put into the existing dock wall structure. The opening mechanism, with a high level counterweighted lifting beam, is designed to be operated by hand.  Each half of the structure was brought to site and installed as a single element.

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eastern quays footbridge landscape

The bridge is a functional bascule bridge, inspired by the traditional dutch bridge. The bridge completes a loop of the dockside connecting public spaces and buildings with the impounding dock at its centre

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Newham, London, UK
Maccreanor Lavington
Maccreanor Lavington