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Grain House

A complex retrofit and extension in Southwark that almost doubled the floor space of the existing building by extending sideways and by adding up to two to three floors to the existing building. The existing structure was steel and precast planks with an in-situ concrete circulation core providing stability, all supported on piles via a network of ground beams. The circulation core was removed and rebuilt on new foundations; however rigorous and rebuilt on new foundations. Corten cladding completed the building’s exterior at high level.

210525 TWA Loman St 26
210525 TWA Loman St 1
210525 TWA Loman St 2
210525 TWA Loman St 63
210525 TWA Loman St 41
Southwark, London, UK
Thirdway Architects (now Anomaly Architects)
Peter Ghobrial
Architects Journal - Retrofit Award, Winner