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Art/ Sculpture

We are happy to step outside the world of construction and apply our understanding of materials, the forces that shape our world and our analytical skills to assist and inform in the creation of things that may aim to fill a void, stimulate senses, bring pleasure or pose a question about our existence. We are always learning from artists' and creators' skills and processes and their understanding of the materials in which they work; this then informs how we develop our analysis models and interpret those models, to develop an understanding of what is being created.


Artists/ Designers top - bottom:

Danish Pavilion, Venice Biennale (above) – Factum Arte 

Polly, Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire – Charles Holland Architects

Ghikas Statues, Madrid and Corfu – Factum Arte

Dane's Yard Tower, Stratford, London - ARC-ML

Singing Ringing Tree, North Yorkshire Moors – Tonkin Liu Architects

The Stranger, Madrid and London – Fabio Dartizio, Factum Arte 

Kielder Minotaur, Hexham, Northumberland – Nick Combe Architecture

Chelsea Flower Show Pavilion, London - Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

Liverpool Rotunda - Gross.Max

Turville Sundial, Buckinghamshire - Ian Ritchie Architects



danish pavilion venice
folly new outdoor sculptures in the grounds of Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal 1
Charles Holland at Fountains Abbey. Image credit Chris Lacey 2
IMG 0917
timber tower 1
ringing tree
stranger plot
Castle view
Sarah Wigglesworth Architects Chelsea Flower Show Pavilion Detail Glass Roof 1800 785x785
Sarah Wigglesworth Architects Chelsea Flower Show Pavilion Overall Pavilion 1800 785x785
rotunda 4485
rotunda 4503
DSC05270 Turville Sun c Ian Ritchie
Alex Wolkowicz (Liverpool Rotunda), Chris Lacey (Polly), Ian Ritchie Architects (Turville Sundial), James Morris (Kielder Minotaur), Marissa Cooper (The Stranger), Ugo Carmeni (Danish Pavilion)