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Public Realm

In addition to our work on building structures and bridges, we also enjoy contributing to landscape architecture and public realm projects. In urban environments, the quality of our external public spaces has a significant impact on our well-being. Through robust, durable but elegant design of public realm infrastructure, sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and accessible landscape, we relish the opportunity to contribute positively to our environment.  

Architects/ Designers top - bottom:

West Croydon Interchange, London  (above) – East 

Fordham Park, Lewisham, London - The Landscape Partnership

Barkingside Town Square, Redbridge - DK-CM

Payers Park, Folkestone - muf art/architecture

Leyton Presence, Waltham Forest, London - East

Windrush Square. Brixton - Gross.Max

BaySixty6 skateboard park, Hammersmith, London- Brinkworth

east west croydon interchange 01 2400x
Projects ParksPublicRealm FordhamPark HardStanding 1500x1050
barkingside townsquare bestshot
Payers Park 2
Payers Park 38
east leyton presence 02 2400x
RRE LEYTON sign P7265369
Windrush Square Brixton 3
Bay 66, skateboard park
Baysixty6 BW 02