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The Interlock

The striking masonry façade to this building reflects the collaborative approach between engineer, architect and craftsmen.  The entire façade, including each of the 44 brick types, was modelled in 3D software and built entirely in-situ.  In addition to the primary structure for the project, engineersHRW were responsible for the structural design of the masonry façade.

The 3D model allowed the façade geometry to be clearly understood, so that the design could be tailored to best suit structural requirements and buildability, prior to the manufacturing and construction process.  Bricks are stacked, with some areas bonded to restraint steelwork behind the façade.  The project comprises a number of residential units, a ground floor café and a new full-plan basement on a very constrained site with numerous boundary conditions.

35RH 2
35RH 6
35RH 8
35RH 4
1812 Riding House Brick Gilbert McCarragher 005 lr
Fitzrovia, London, UK
Bureau de Change
Gilbert McCarragher
Brick Development Association - Small Development, Winner, Brick Development Association - Innovation, Winner, Brick Development Association - Architect's Choice, Winner, Architects Journal - Specification Award, Winner, Sunday Times Award - Small Development, Winner