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Sayer Street, Elephant Park

On a strip of land 4m wide, with one side backing onto Elephant Park and the other side facing high-rise housing with retail at ground floor, the purpose of the development to generate a sense of a street has been comprehensively achieved.

The lightweight timber structures minimise embodied carbon, minimise foundation work, provide appropriate structural function and maximise visual effect. The development has been highly successful: it provides space for small retail outlets and 24-hour seating areas which benefit the bas and restaurants opposite, and has greatly increased footfall along Sayer Street. 

200901 BDLandscape SayerSt 058
200901 BDLandscape SayerSt 001
200901 BDLandscape SayerSt 022
Sayer Street Jan Kattein Architects Street View 2
Southwark, London, UK
Jan Kattein Architects
Jack Hobhouse