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Settles Street

This project consisted of the refurbishment of a 1930s neo-Georgian masonry office building and the addition of a new five-storey open plan glazed office block. Significant interventions were carried out to the existing buildings to create new open spaces, accommodate new stairwells and lift shafts and expose some of the original structural features, such as the steel roof trusses in the unusual horseshoe-shaped rear section of the building.

The new build element was constructed with a steel fame and permanent metal formwork. Bracing within the elevations ensured slimmer steel sections, and the exposed frame was carefully integrated with the services distribution.

200622 Settles St Drone 7
200622 Settles St 8
200622 Settles St 100
200622 Settles St 29
200622 Settles St Drone 12
Whitechapel, London, UK
Thirdway Architects (now Anomaly Architects)
Thirdway Architects (now Anomaly Architects)