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Shatwell Farm

A cowshed is typically an unconsidered, standard frame structure with little aesthetic or structural individuality. This farm building however uses classical design features with modern cost-effective construction. The pillars of the Romanesque-style colonnade are formed from cement-stabilised rammed earth, incorporating limestone for a golden colour.

191 cow shed 9 2
Shatwell Barn 002
191 cow shed 6 2.1
191 cow shed 8 2
191 cow shed 7 2
STA Hadspen Hay Barn DG 28
STA Hadspen Hay Barn DG 48a
STA Hadspen Hay Barn DG 12
Hadspen, Somerset, UK
Stephen Taylor Architects
David Grandorge
Galvanizers Association - Galvanizing in Architecture Award, Winner, Rural and Industrial Design Association - Best Building Award, Winner